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Document Storage in Allentown

Offering a unique way to create additional space in your office, document storage services from Allentown Scanning Service helps companies to manage their documents easier and more efficiently. Oftentimes, these are documents that the company rarely uses but still must hold on to for retention or security purposes. All documents can be accessed at any time, and there are even emergency retrieval services for when you least expect it.

Document Storage Considerations for the Allentown Area

Simplicity & Cost Savings

Records Storage Services in Allentown, PA

Are you using expensive office space to maintain records and information? A records storage service will help you realize the savings associated with freeing up expensive office space and enhancing the productivity of employees who maintain your documents.

Access & Privacy Control

Security and access control is key to keeping your files out of the wrong hands and away from prying eyes. Documents that contain personal or confidential information should be secured and accessed by authorized personnel only. Secure records storage facilities only allow authorized persons to access and retrieve stored files, making it a viable solution for securing confidential files, personnel records, and important documents related to your business. 

Climate Maintained Document Storage Options in Allentown, PA

We provide temperature and humidity-controlled storage for all types of document formats. The storage area has a backup power source, insuring that the temperature and humidity are maintained even during a power outage. Documents and items we provide storage for include:

  • Paper
  • Film
  • X-Rays
  • Microfilm
  • Discs
  • Magnetic tapes

Pennsylvania Records Legal Compliance

Many businesses keep large amounts of records. They may be doing so in error. There are also many companies who neglect to keep the correct documents and may be discarding critical information that should be stored. Document retention policies, along with a document storage program, will allow you to set up plans for which files to retain and for how long. This also establishes how to dispose of records after they are no longer needed.

Disaster Protection & Planning in Allentown

Major catastrophes can destroy years of important business documents. An offsite records storage location can protect your records from disasters. Allentown Scanning Service makes sure that you don’t lose critical records.

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Allentown Scanning Service offers document storage and retrieval services for all businesses and industries in the Allentown area. For a free, no-hassle quote on storage services near you, simply fill out the form to your left, or just give us a call at (610) 624-1228.

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